Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team Helps Vacationers

Vacancy Rewards Presents: Common Taxi Driver Scams

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team |

Vacancy Rewards can relate to any traveler who loves to explore the unknown. It is quite an exciting feeling to arrive somewhere you have never been before, and soak up the local culture and atmosphere. Although this can be a fun feeling, it is true that it can end up being one of the toughest parts of a trip.

Unfortunately, the experts at Vacancy Rewards Scam Avoidance Team know that some dishonest individuals out there may try to take advantage of honest tourists who are just trying to make their way around an unfamiliar area. It’s important for every traveler to be aware of some of the common taxi scams that have been occurring all around the world recently, so here is what to watch out for.

Some of the drivers out there can spot a tourist from a mile away, and do things like take longer routes, side streets or even routes that are known for having heavier traffic just to try to get a hold of your hard earned money. Not only that, but some cars even have altered meters that make the fare increase at a much faster rate than normal.

Vacancy Rewards knows that if you have a bad feeling, it’s better to find an alternate mode of transportation, even if it may take longer. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Try asking the airport staff or hotel for recommendations of the best transportation services in order to avoid this as best as you can.

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Vacancy Rewards Understand Internet Travel Scams

Posted by on Mar 15, 2014 in Vacancy Rewards, Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team |

Vacancy Rewards members know that there are many people that think the emails they get that offer them a free vacation are a scam. They are not always right remind the scam prevention squad. There are many emails that are trying to take advantage of them, but there are many legitimate resorts that offer people the chance to stay for free.

These resorts offer great deal with the hope of selling timeshares to the people that visit their resorts mention the scam protection team. If you are willing to sit through a sales pitch, it is a great deal. The problem is how you tell the real offers from the ones that are scams advice the members of Vacancy Rewards.

The key is to look at the details mentions the scam awareness team. If the offer is too good to be true, be very careful. When they offer a free place to stay without requiring anything, you have to be careful. The offer that comes to you in the email should be your starting point. You need to do some research before you agree to anything.

Vacancy Rewards associates advice to check out the resort that is offering the free vacation on the internet. You will often be able to find other people that have taken advantage of it and enjoyed it or you may find out that many people have already fallen for the trick. This type of information can help you decide whether the offer is real or not alert the scam prevention team.

Timeshares that offer free vacations can be very worthwhile. Timeshares that are run by scam artists are a big problem. Make sure that you are only getting the enjoyable experience when responding to an offer over the internet reminds the member of Vacancy Rewards.

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Vacancy Rewards Scam Protection Team Plans Strategies To Steer Clear Of Rip—Offs While Vacationing

Posted by on Feb 9, 2014 in Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team |

Vacancy Rewards Scam Protection Team shares strategies to steer clear of rip-offs while vacationing. Vacancy Rewards wishes vacation-goers to keep an eye out for suspect activity whenever vacationing or perhaps spending time away from home. Fraudsters are continuously in search of fresh new methods to be able to take quick advantage of not aware vacationers, so it is usually very best to be mindful and also meticulous at all occasions. However, there are a few various other simple recommendations individuals can stick to be able to stay away from some of the more typical frauds and cons.

1. Avoid putting on a lot of jewelry and carrying way to many valuable items on yourself at anytime. It only takes a crook a second to pickpocket a person; therefore, minimize the chance that you simply can be picked as a target by certainly not making yourself look like an oblivious tourist. The Vacancy Rewards Scams prevention group also cautions that some road entertainers function as entertaining distractions to be able to bring in big crowds, allowing pickpockets effortless targets, all together simple picking. A great concept is to bring the cheapest items while traveling; therefore, in the event that a person owns 2 phones, a completely new one and one from years ago, it would end up being smart to take the oldest phone on the excursion, since it is most likely not really worth that much to a pickpocket.

2. In the event that it appears too good to be able to be true, it simply may be. This will be among the more popular scams which the Vacancy Rewards Scam Protection Team encounters: con artists making bogus statements of curiosity concerning timeshares, and the proposing the owner to send some money ahead of time for phony fees. It gets more serious: a few scammers are even able to trick property sellers into handing out bank account numbers, also social security numbers, enabling these kinds of cons quick access to people’s bank accounts and financial history. To be able to defend against being scammed this way, for starters, basically exercise sound judgment, and also be very suspect of a person who requests financial information, unsolicited.

3. End up being cautious when hooking up to the web suggests the Vacancy Rewards Scams protection team. Now the majority of individuals have smart-phones or laptop computers, Wi-fi hot spots are set up all over the place, and also especially in resorts as people will certainly be able to utilize their on-the-go technology while on the highway. Criminals possess the technology to create fake hot-spots which appear to your wireless adapters as real web connections. However, when attached to all of these fake hot spots, the criminals could effortlessly get access to your laptop’s hard drive and will be able to access to any kind of other personal information that will be potentially stored within. Always double-check that the available connection will be one set up by the vacation resort or restaurant. Settling for anything less than that puts a risk the security of your own computer or smart-phone’s hard disk.

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Vacancy Rewards Scams Prevention Squad Provides Various Scam Avoidance Methods

Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in Vacancy Rewards Scam, Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team, Vacancy Rewards Scams |

Vacancy Rewards Scams Prevention Squad realizes that many people have lost much money due to various individuals. Reference searching ranks best towards scam avoidance because it is easy and almost affordable to anyone.

When you take a particular name and look it up online or through other reference search sources, you are trying to identify the legitimacy of the company or individual you are dealing with especially if you grow suspicious of their interests.

Scam avoidance can be tricky in any case because these scammers have purchased domain names and subsequently set up websites, blogs and other affordable e-marketing solutions. Vacancy Rewards Scams Prevention Squad will provide answers to lingering questions people may have involving prevention and protecting one’s personal information.

Well, there are so many questions you could ask whenever you find it necessary to locate a scammer and avoid him. A scammer may also decide to write reviews that wouldn’t interest you perhaps showcasing the legitimacy of his company, but if you realize that there are pages mirrored within the first ten results on the search engine speaking negatively about the company, you should take caution.

This is because scam avoidance will not be guaranteed by your efforts but also by the efforts of others who have already dealt with the company. Follow this advice given by Vacancy Rewards Scams Prevention Squad and you will be set.

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Vacancy Rewards Scams Prevention Team Warns of New York Scams

Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Vacancy Rewards Scam, Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team, Vacancy Rewards Scams |

Vacancy Rewards Scams prevention team knows that taking a trip to New York City can be very enjoyable. The city offers a wide variety of things for a tourist to see and do. The sights and sounds of the city are really amazing and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. When a tourist visits New York City, one of the first things they will notice is the plethora of taxis in the city. This is one of the major forms of transportation for tourists and locals. It is also one of the easiest ways for tourists to be taken advantage of.

Taxi drivers in New York can use several tricks to cheat people out of money according to the Vacancy Rewards Scams prevention team. These tricks include overcharging for a taxi ride. This can happen several ways. The driver may say the meter is broken and they will have to charge a flat rate for the trip. Or they will fail to reset a meter when the passenger gets in. They could add fees for different things, such as air conditioning. All of these things are not allowed by the agency that runs the taxis in New York.

Vacancy Rewards Scams prevention team knows that the best defense a tourist has is to be alert and aware. By doing that they can prevent most scams.

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Vacancy Rewards Scams Protection Squad Warns You of Possible Scams

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Vacancy Rewards Scam, Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team, Vacancy Rewards Scams |

Vacancy Rewards scams protection squad had determined that scammers never take a vacation as timeshare scams are on the rise. There are endless variations to these timeshare scams and the timeshare owners need to be careful when thinking about retaining the services of companies and people who promise to market their timeshares and sell them on their behalf. These fraudsters pose as legitimate estate brokers and demand cash upfront from eager buyers who are convinced that they are getting a good deal. But people should be aware that whatever names the company uses, no legitimate timeshare companies cold call timeshare owners offering them more than the original prices.

Vacancy Rewards scams protection squad says that the best way to unveil these fraudsters is to identify the red flags. The demand for upfront payments is telltale sign that something is wrong as it is best to opt for a company that charges you after the timeshare property is sold.

There are more possible ways that scammers dupe you into buying fraudulent timeshare deals so beware of such scams and file a complaint as soon as you smell something fishy. Vacancy Rewards scams protection squad recommends you simply ignores the calls or just be polite and tell them that you aren’t interested in timeshares. It is best that you put the phone down as the more they keep you engaged in conversation the more likely they will be able to convince you.

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Vacancy Rewards Scams Prevention Team Warns of Bogus Fees that are Legal

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Vacancy Rewards Scam, Vacancy Rewards Scam Prevention Team, Vacancy Rewards Scams |

Vacancy Rewards scams prevention team knows that people who are traveling need to be careful. There are plenty of people who would like to take advantage of people on vacation and take their money. It is bad enough that you have to worry about people breaking the law to steal your money. It is worse that you have to worry about the businesses that are going to scam you legally.

Many businesses that cater to travelers advertise a low price for their products or services. By the time you get the bill for these businesses the amount you have to pay is much larger than what was advertised. The way they do this is by tacking on fees. Airlines charge fees for baggage or for choosing a seat. Taxis charge fees for extra passengers or for picking you up late at night. Hotels charge fees for towels or for other basic necessities. These fees can be for almost anything.

Vacancy Rewards scams prevention team believes that the only way that a traveler can protect themselves from these fees is by asking before they agree to anything. Make sure that you read anything that you are signing and ask if there are any fees. The businesses will usually tell you about the fees when you ask. If you do not think that the fees are fair, you need to walk away. There will often be another business that will not charge the same types of fees and will be upfront and honest about their pricing. Vacancy Rewards scams prevention team understands that you might not be able to avoid all of the fees, but at least you will not feel as cheated.

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